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KeepaliveLight Package

Trim the fat from the Joomla keepalive behavior.keepalivelight128

The default keepalive behavior makes a periodical AJAX request for the site or administrator default page, loading the modules, and (likely) content plugins - performing all associated database queries.  Trim the fat with KeepaliveLight.

This package isn't going to appeal to many admins because a single homepage load every 14 (the default) minutes isn't going to cause a tremendous load.

(These results are system dependent, KeepaliveLight will reduce your overhead for keepalive requests)

Joomla Keepalive KeepaliveLight
Database Queries 20 11 45% Savings
Memory Usage 4.96 MB 3.8 MB 24% Savings
Page Size 4.85 KB 0.79 KB 84% Savings
Database Queries 26 9 65% Savings
Memory Usage 7.72 MB 5.69 MB 27% Savings
Page Size 4.42 KB 0.56 KB 88% Savings

One of my clients has users who must stay connected to a page for several hours.  During peak times, this creates a significant load on the server with every user making these periodical requests.  I created this as a way to drastically reduce the overhead of these requests.  When I realized how sessions were being kept alive, I knew that I wanted to have a less expensive way, so I created one.

This package consists of a component and a plugin.

The component doesn't do much - in fact, it doesn't do anything - no queries, no output.  It exists to do nothing.  When a keepalive request is made, this component is called using the component template so no modules are loaded.

The plugin does all of the hard work.  It performs a pre-emptive override of the JhtmlBehavior class by pre-loading a real-time modified version of the existing class.  The method is the same as is used in my CleanResponse plugin.

This plugin requires stream wrappers.  If you enable the plugin and nothing happens, you may want to check your error log - the plugin will issue an error describing the failure.

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