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CoolClockThis is a replacement/upgrade for modCoolClock by  This re-build completes the work by JoomlaProduction by implementing ALL available features of CoolClock by (Simon Baird)

With this updated module, you can include any number of clocks on your page.  This version also implements the custom skin options missing in other clock solutions.  You can explore all of the features this clock has to offer. You're not limited to the 7 skins provided by JoomlaProduction, or the 19 skins provided by

With the custom skin implementation, you can have virtually unlimited flexibility when implmenting clocks on your pages.  Any color, any size, anything you like.  The 1.5 version has integrated the Farbtastic JS Color Picker. MooRainbow is implemented in the 1.6 version.

CoolClock is free...
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