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A splash page module brought to you by RicheyWeb and

SplashR is a Joomla! module which enables a splash page that points to a specific URL and provides all configuration options present in the DynamicDrive script.

This module is great for displaying important information, special offers, or even advertisements at regular intervals.  With the help of other extensions, this might be used to display advertisements to non-registered users only.

RicheyWeb Joomla extensions are free! Additionally, they contain no advertisements or links back to If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me. Click to make a donation to fund future development.

  • Frequency
    • Every page
    • Once per session
    • Once per X number of days
  • Autohide
    • Automatically advance after a period (or not)
  • URL Selection
  • Title Selection

Examine this link if you want to close the window with a button within your splash page.

Examine this link if you want to link to external content from withing your splash page.


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