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Package - Deny Exit Node

file_lockedAttackers use many methods to mask their identity, one is easily identified - and stopped.  Deny Exit Node uses a list of published TOR exit nodes to block access to your site (public or /administrator)

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Captcha - HashCash

file_lockedFinally, a captcha you can't read...wait...that's not what I meant...  This is the captcha you don't even need to see.

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beforeafter128Joomla implementation of the jQuery Before/After plugin.  Stack before and after photos, with a slider to reveal the differences between the two.

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Do Not Track

Do-Not-Track128Is the Do Not Track browser setting important to you?  You can do your part to enforce its use!

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System - Loggie

folder_home3Are your server error logs hard or impossible to retrieve?  Do you even know how to get them?  Loggie can help!

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System - Offline

folder_home3Q: How do you test Guest functionality when your site is offline?  A: You install the Offline plugin!

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Content - Age Of

headtagA better age display based on date.  Formats past and future dates with prefixes and suffixes.

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TagParser Class

Class to automate parsing Joomla Content Plugin tags.

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