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System - Browser Update Warning

browserupdatewarningiconSet and optionally enforce minimum browser versions for use of your site.

Using this plugin, you can display a warning message that the users browser is outdated along with a suggestion that they update or install a browser that meets your requirements.

Using this plugin, you can choose minimum version numbers for the major browsers.  These are the browsers supported by this plugin:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera

Users who don't meet the minimum requirements are shown a modal window suggesting that they update their current browser, or install a new browser - complete with download links!

Administrators can enforce these minimum requirements by disabling the "Continue" option, which forces the users to meet the requirements by keeping the site just out of reach behind the modal window.

Aside from version and continue options, administrators can choose to use the default styling or provide their own styling via their template CSS, choose to disable the background overlay, and set the opacity of the background overlay.

For those with multilingual sites, all of the text is set by Joomla language files so you won't be leaving anyone behind.

This plugin is 100% MooTools, so it doesn't require any additional javascript libraries.  It makes use of the BrowserUpdateWarning MooTools plugin by Andy Fleming with some of my own modifications to allow for multilingual sites.

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