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System - EU e-Privacy Directive

eprivacyComply with the EU e-Privacy law!  Block all cookies until the user has accepted them.

It bugs me when I see incomplete implementations.  So, when I saw a recent JED entry which meant to make Joomla compatible with this law, I had to check it out.  To my surprise - the site set 24 cookies prior to my accepting them.  Two other extensions I tested set 60 and 63 cookies before the user accepted them.  All three were commercial - so to me, people who buy those extensions are getting ripped off!  That was unacceptable! (Pun intended)

This plugin overrides and prevents any cookies sent by Joomla, and any JavaScript cookies from being set until the user accepts them.  Some may think this is overkill, as there are loopholes which allow "some" cookies to be set under certain circumstances without the users knowledge.  After reading the guidelines, I determined that there was no real way to know which cookies are safe to set and which are covered by the law because the language contains the word "may" in some very unfortunate places.

My solution was to put up a wall and declare "No Cookie" until such times as the user clicks a silly little button.

This extension uses language files to manage the note that is displayed to the user, so it should be acceptable for all languages once someone decides to write a new language file for it.  There are only 4 things to translate, so it should be cake.

Version 2.x Instructions

  • Update 1.6 - Major update - new features!
  • Joomla 1.5 version sponsored by Bert Aarts - This is the ONLY Joomla 1.5 extension I will continue to support

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