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System - Session Keeper

sessionkeeperKeep selected user groups logged in - and notify other users when their sessions are about to expire.

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to be logged in - working on something important - only to learn that your session expired while you were working and all of your changes were lost.  Session Keeper resolves that issue by allowing an administrator to specify which groups are to be kept alive automatically.   Unlike other extensions that perform strange tests on other extensions, or require you to enter a comma separated list of group ID numbers, this plugin allows an administrator to select from a multi-select list - exactly which groups are to be kept alive.

You might ask "But what about everyone else?"

An additional option of the plugin, is a notification message (JS confirm or Modal window with a countdown timer) that can appear at a configurable amount of time before the session expires - allowing the user to renew their session (without a page refresh).  The user can also opt to dismiss the message (by cancelling or ignoring it) and their session will time out normally.  When the session times out - the user will receive another notification that the session has timed out.


  • If you have the login module assigned to display on all pages, your logged in users will never see the warning message.  This is because the Joomla login module enables keepalive for all pages where it appears.  When keepalive is enabled on a page - the warning messages will not be displayed because the user will never time out.  Either put the login module on specific pages only - or disable the warnings in this plugin.
  • If you have the RicheyWeb KeepaliveLight extension installed - be sure to set this plugin ordering AFTER the KeepaliveLight System plugin in order to take advantage of the reduced footprint of KeepaliveLight vs the standard Keepalive mechanism built into Joomla.

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