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System - NicePanel

sessionkeeperTop and bottom tabbed sliding module panels done right.

Sliding panels are nice, but have been restricted - until now!

NicePanel provides an administrator the ability to create as many top and/or bottom sliding panel tabs as (s)he wishes.  Here are the features:

  1. Separate top/bottom panel configurations
  2. Automatic tabs - based on the module title
  3. Preserves Javascript events (unlike some other panels)
  4. Independent left/right tab alignment
  5. Independent tab styles
  6. Tab content honors Joomla ACL
Here's how it works -
First, take the modules that you wish to be presented as tab panels, and assign them to a new module position (you can just type it into the module configuration).  For simplicity, I'm going to call the new positions "nicepaneltop" and "nicepanelbottom" - but in reality, you can name them anything you want.  The module order will be the tab order (if using right tab alignment, the tab order is reversed)
Then, in NicePanel configuration, set the module position to be presented in the top and bottom panel positions.  Save it.
You're done.  Panels with no pain.
I've added the ability for an administrator to use the CSS textarea applied by the plugin, or to turn off the styling portion so the panels can be styled using the template stylesheet. NicePanel is light - no extra JS frameworks to slow your pages down - NicePanel is native MooTools.

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