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System - HeadTag

headtagInsert any JavaScript/CSS/Any tag into the document head based on ItemID or by using {plugin} tags.

Similar plugins exist, but they are either limited in scope, or have terrible configuration interfaces.  HeadTag aims to be an all-in-one solution to provide the ability to add the following types of tags to the document <head> -

  1. JavaScript source files
  2. JavaScript Declarations
  3. Linked StyleSheet (CSS) files
  4. Style Declarations
  5. Custom tags (of any type)

Here's how it works -

Using the Joomla Menu system, the plugin can be configured to add as many (or few) tags (of any combination) to specific menu items.  The configuration provides a basic list of items which can be edited or removed, as well as a complete interface to manipulate these tags.

Using the Joomla Access Levels, or User Groups - the plugin can be configured to add as many (or few) tags (of any combination) to specific Access Levels or User Groups. The same list of items is available for edit or removal of tags

Using the {headtag:*} code, tags can be added directly to any article, or html from any portion of the site.  Perhaps you want to add specific CSS for a category description, it's easy.  Here are some examples:

JavaScript Source File:
JavaScript Declaration:
{headtag:scriptdeclaration}alert('this is a script declaration');{/headtag}
Linked StyleSheet:
Style Declaration:
{headtag:styledeclaration}body {background-color:#000;color:#fff}{/headtag}
Custom Tag:
{headtag:customtag}<meta name="googlebot" content="NOSNIPPET"/>{/headtag}
Restrict to Access Levels
{headtag:customtag accesslevel="3,4"}<meta name="googlebot" content="NOSNIPPET"/>{/headtag}
Restrict to User Groups
{headtag:customtag usergroup="7,8"}<meta name="googlebot" content="NOSNIPPET"/>{/headtag}

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