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System - Loggie

folder_home3Are your server error logs hard or impossible to retrieve?  Do you even know how to get them?  Loggie can help!

If your host is anything like mine, your log files are hard to get to.  When they are available, they're slow to retrieve.  In my case, it takes 5 minutes or more for a log to appear in the log file - and I must download it repeatedly looking for the errors I'm trying to find.

Loggie is a system plugin that captures those errors destined for the PHP error log file.  These errors are deposited into a database table and displayed within the plugin "Logs" tab.  No more searching for log files, sifting through them, begging your host to get current logs - Loggie cuts out the middle man.

Usage is simple.  When you need to capture the logs for fast review - enable the plugin.  It's that simple.

The only other option is to clear the Loggie Logs table, which triggers the plugin to return all of the logs to their original destination.



  • Loggie is for temporary use only.  Extended use can and likely will fill your database.
  • Loggie inserts a warning on every page while it is enabled - reminding administrators that it is enabled and should be disabled ASAP.
  • I will not answer questions asking how to disable the warning message.  When you're knowledgeable enough to figure out how to disable the message, you'll understand why you should disable the plugin instead.

A possible use for Loggie would be to retrieve errors for an extension developer to troubleshoot.  (I wrote it for this purpose).  The steps might be:
  1. Enable Loggie
  2. Perform the action that causes an error
  3. Copy the Loggie Log
  4. Clear the Loggie Log
  5. Disable Loggie

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