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Do Not Track

Do-Not-Track128Is the Do Not Track browser setting important to you?  You can do your part to enforce its use!

The trouble with the Do Not Track setting is that most sites ignore it.  The burden of doing something with the DNT header is upon the website owner.  Some tracking cookies are used for advertising (Google Ads), others for (probably) more nefarious purposes (Facebook - in my opinion).

This plugin detects the browser setting and (can) use that knowledge to add the user to a special access level.  If the user has turned "Do Not Track" on - they are not added to that special access level.  This access level allows an administrator to assign Components, Modules or Plugins (which set tracking cookies) to the new access level.  When users arrive with Do Not Track turned on - they don't get the access level and cannot get the tracking cookies - or, if they already have them - the cookies will not be sending data about the visit to your site.

Implementing this extension isn't plug-and-play.  It requires planning and extra steps to fully realize the potential.  Here are the steps to successful implementation:

  1. Create a new User Group for users who did not turn on "Do Not Track".  Leave the parent group "Public".
    • In my implementations, I name the group "Do Not Track - Opt-In" - because users who did not turn on the setting have implicitely opted into tracking cookies.
  2. Create a new Access Level.  Choose the group you just created (and no others).
    • In my implementations, I name the access level "Do Not Track - Opt-In" for the same reason as before.
  3. Assign your menu items, modules, and plugins (which use or load services that set tracking cookies) to this new access level.
    • Users who have not opted out (turned Do Not Track on in their browser), these items will load.

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