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Everyone and their brother has a cheesy Joomla plugin to change the generator tag, but no others can remove it.  The real solution is ByeByeGenerator.

ByeByeGenerator is a Joomla plugin capable of changing or removing entirely the generator meta tag in content and feeds.

Update: 1.1 - Added user rasterblaster suggested robots meta tag option.
Update: 1.2 - Resolved error in J1.6 version when tmpl=raw
Update 1.3 - Resolved issue where third party extensions render content using content-type "text/html" instead of an appropriate content type ("application/json", "text/javascript", etc..)

Updates 1.4-1.6 add compatibility for new Joomla versions.

Update 1.7 adds feed output - now removes or changes the generator tag in RSS and Atom feeds!

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