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Authentication - EMail

messageMy users forget their usernames, heck - I forget my own usernames.  I always remember my email address.  Why not allow login by email?

How many times have you forgotten your usernames?  I've spent hours going through archived email to find a username.  You can save your users this grief by allowing them to authenticate by email instead of (or in addition to) username.
You can use it two ways.
  1. With Joomla! authentication enabled:
    • Username OR E-Mail address can be used to login.
  2. With Joomla! authentication disabled:
    • Only E-Mail address can be used to login.
Keep your users coming back and make it easier for them to remember their credentials.

To alter your login module or forms, you must use an output override. This extension only handles the authentication of email based logins.

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