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User - DomainRestriction

messageNeed to restrict registration to one or more specific domains?

Recently, I was asked to build a private site on the Internet and restrict its use to employees. Creating accounts for all of the 30,000+ employees wasn't an option. With the DomainRestriction plugin, it's easy.

By using the plugin parameters, an administrator can configure valid domains for registration. Users are informed that their personal email addresses won't work, and that they must use their company supplied email address.

Multiple mail domains? No problem. DomainRestriction allows for as many mail domains as you feel like configuring.

On request, I've added the option to create a list of specific email addresses which are allowed to register. This works the same way as the domains, one address per line. This allowance works in tandem with the domain list. The registering email address must be either in the email address list, or be part of an allowed domain

As of version 1.4:

  1. New options when allowing all, to prevent certain domains and email addresses from registering.
  2. Options to automatically assign groups to specified domains.
  3. Options to prevent automatic group assignments to specific user groups or email addresses.

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