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User - Password Strength

strengthGently suggest that your users choose better passwords.

I saw this plugin on the MooTools Forge and I just had to create a Joomla! plugin with it. Often, things just scream to be made into plugins and this was one of them.

By using the plugin parameters, an administrator can configure everything about the display and function of this plugin.

  • Style - fully customizable from colors to sizes.
  • Text - Utilizes Joomla! language files - fully customizable.
  • Forms - Default configuration inserts the strength meter into the user registration, user profile edit, and admin user edit pages.
  • Extendable - Configuration allows an administrator to add additional form views and password fields to the plugin.

Joomla 2.5+ users have the option of using the framework built-in password strength meter.  This meter isn't nearly as configurable as the plugin provided meter.

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