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Content - MooAccordion

mooaccordionNeed nested and custom accordions for your content items?   

When I needed an accordion display for a project I'm working on, a unsuccessful search of the JED let me know that I needed to do some coding!  This plugin works in two ways:
  1. Create accordions in content items using no {plugin} tags (conservative defaults)
  2. Create customized accordions using the {plugin} tag.
  • Marks up existing HTML - doesn't require accordion or items to be surrounded by {plugin}...{/plugin} tags
  • Multiple accordions per page
  • Nested accordions
  • Per-accordion customization (including nested levels)
  • 3 templates for automatic styling.
  • Allow all items to be closed (and start closed)
  • Select default items to be open
  • Assign custom CSS classes to open and closed items
  • Set default CSS for conservative defaults
  • The only real restriction is that the toggler cannot be a self-closing tag (like <img .../>) but you can make the toggler a div and put an image inside of it! Otherwise, there aren't any limitations!
Detailed instructions included in the description of the plugin.
Demo site coming once I have time to upgrade everything to 1.6.  The carpenters house never gets finished :)

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