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topofthepageAutomatic floating "Return to Top" link with customizable position, appearance criteria and more!

The problem with creating "Return to Top" links in content is that they do nothing for SEO, and they can clutter your page.  When you have a long page, how do you decide where to put them?  Do you need more than one?
Top of the Page removes these concerns by creating a "Return to Top" link when the page has been scrolled by a certain (administrator) designated distance.  When the page is scrolled back to the top (above the designated distance), the link disappears.  There is no need to put named anchors in your content, because the link created by this plugin floats in the designated position regardless of your position on the page.
As of version 1.22, the plugin provides options to choose Mootools or jQuery libraries for operation.  You can now configure the plugin to match your library preference and speed up your site even more.  Why load 2 libraries when the plugin can adapt to your needs?!  All of the options work in either library mode with one exception - the jQuery easing plugin does not have the "Pow" transition that exists in Mootools.Fx.  Additionally, you can configure the plugin to run without loading the Joomla provided version of your javascript library - useful if you're running from a CDN or have a custom version that you're using.
In Mootools mode, the plugin implements ScrollSpy and Smooth Scroll, both by David Walsh.
Addendum 2/6/2012:
Some guy named Eric Schneider decided to copy this extension, add MooTools Fx.Transitions to the smooth scroll effect (mangle a few other lines) and release it as his own while giving me a 1-line credit in code comments saying that his extension was based "somewhat" on mine.  When comparing the code, there were very few differences.  Since this is a low-budget operation and we're talking about open-source code here, I decided to do what will cost me the least.  Implement transitions and add other user-requested functionality.
The latest version implements not only the 7 Fx.Transition options Mr. Schneider included, but all 34 of the available Fx.Transitions offered by Mootools.  In addition, I've implemented a few other tweaks that users have been asking for such as the ability to turn off the text link to allow using CSS to style a background-image.

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