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Thank you for disabling your ad blocker (Bootstrap version)

In the System - Ad Block Reactor plugin configuration, add this code as a "Change Action":

var start = Joomla.getOptions('plg_system_adblockreactor').lastreport;
if(!e.detail && start) {
var modal = jQuery('<div class="modal hide fade"/>').appendTo(document.body);
var header = jQuery('<div class="modal-header"/>').appendTo(modal);
jQuery('<button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="modal" aria-hidden="true">&times;</button>').appendTo(header);
jQuery('<h3>Thank You</h3>').appendTo(header);
var body = jQuery('<div class="modal-body"/>').appendTo(modal);
jQuery('<p>Now that your ad blocker is disabled, you can use the cookie controls to accept and decline cookies. The Google ads come and go when cookies are accepted and declined.</p>').appendTo(body);

This will create a modal that displays when a user has turned their ad blocker off. If your're running a bootstrap template, it should look like this.