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Delicious Cookies

I had a happy moment just a few minutes ago. While I was poking around the Joomla GitHub issues, I found that my EU e-Privacy Directive extension was recommended by name, by one of the Joomla collaborators no less! Someone wanted the Joomla core to take up the functionality of my extension, and that person was shut down with a recommendation and link to my software and documentation on my site!

Although the software does need a rewrite to migrate away from MooTools, it's still fully functional and compliant with the strictest interpretation of the EU cookie law after which the plugin is named. I should really look for more legal compliance work - it's really a pleasure to have a rigid legal document which describes requirements. With compliance - it really is a goal oriented task. For a viable implementation, form MUST follow function.

EU e-Privacy Directive remains the #1 "Cookie Control" extension in the Joomla Extension Directory, a position it has held for almost the entire time since its release (in 2012).


Update: Rewrite complete. The EU e-Privacy Directive extension version 3 has been released with a completely rewritten javascript, removed MooTools and jQClass dependencies and a totally rewritten management interface. 100% backwards compatible, and at least 32% more awesome (estimated).