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More flies with honey

I'm a reasonable guy. I spend a lot of time freely supporting extensions that I also give away for free. A few of my extensions are paid, and I support them as well. For users who buy my extensions, I give them a bit more attention - because they paid for it. I'm even willing to go the extra mile to make them happy, because customers remember that sort of thing and they come back for it. Even if asking for a refund, if the customer has a reason (usually, any reason will do) - I'll issue the refund. This is partly because it's not worth the time spent arguing over a few dollars, and partly because I don't want to be takes too much energy.

My attitude changes radically when I'm threatened or given an ultimatum. I do not take kindly to threats. It's also not in my nature to accept false accusations.

When Jeff Hecht of contacted me about his Nomad Pro purchase, he started his message with an accusation of misrepresentation. Don't take my word for it, here's the email:


Almost immediately, I received another message (a reply to the automated paid invoice email he received) - this time accusing me of fraud and threatening a negative review in the JED:


I don't take this sort of thing lightly. I bend over backwards, 60-70 hours a week, to make sure my users and customers are happy. When someone makes a threat against my integrity and reputation, I don't take it sitting down. I agreed to refund his purchase, but first I asked him to point out where I stated that Nomad was a "login redirection" plugin. Knowing well that nowhere in my Nomad documentation, nor the Nomad download page, nor the JED page for either the free (last updated August 07, 2017) or the paid extension (last updated August 23, 2017) say it was a login redirection plugin - and in fact they all very clearly state (as the first sentence of the description) "Nomad is not login redirection, it's homepage redirection!!!". The purpose was to suggest that he had made a mistake with the claim that I advertised Nomad as a login redirection plugin. My response:


All of this is easily proven by looking at the pages themselves, and at the Internet Archive. The first sentence of the plugin page on the JED has remained the same since 2014!
Nomad 2014:

Because his accusations arrived within an hour of his purchase, I gave him a little time to respond. Then I received this notice from the JED:


So now I get to deal with lies posted on the JED by someone who either didn't bother to read ANYTHING about the extension he purchased and is trying to bully his way into a refund - or is trying to scam his way into a free copy. Either way, it didn't need to go this way. Naming and shaming isn't something I want to do, but it seems like Jeff Hecht insists on being a liar, so my only defense is truth.

I'm not an unreasonable person. If Mr. Hecht had responded reasonably (or at all), I would not be doing this. A simple "my mistake, I purchased this thinking it was login redirection" would have worked for me. Instead, I'm here...doing this. Just be reasonable and don't threaten to post lies about me. There's a reason I post my phone number, and other contact information - because I've never cheated anyone. I have done nothing to run away or hide from.

Mr. Hecht got his refund. But it's going to cost him some reputation.