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This has happened to me only twice, but it concerns me nonetheless.  Both times, I have decided to post as AC (Anonymous Coward) because of the controversial nature of my comments.  Both times, I challenged mainstream opinion with statements by the accepted authorities.  Both times, within an hour, my post vanished.

I'm a little torn...  I've been participating with the Slashdot community for years, and I'd like to continue because it's "News for Nerds" and I claim that category.  On the other hand, I'm 100% against censorship.  I'm sure that my participation won't change their policies or practices, and I'm equally sure that they don't make any money from me (I never click ads - ever).

Update: I haven't visited Slashdot in several years.  Their slow transition from "News for Nerds" to "Ads, Censorship and Slashvertisements" has caused me to shop for my nerd news elsewhere.  Congratulations CNet - you've ruined another one.

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