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Visitors are complaining and more

1 year 3 months ago #3813 by jjs
it seems that if you not make a decision, either accept or decline. The plugin interferes with the working of the site.
Registrated users complain that they get kicked out, or that the site does not store their settings.
After they clicked accept, it does suddenly work. So now i putted the module on a top position that it get's seen immidiately. (instead of at the bottom of the page). But not everyone clicks it.

I self noticed while checking that it still kicks you out of the admin part, even though when i use a 2nd browser for the front-end. A solution seems, to first go to the front end, accept cookies, then login on the back-end.

Do you have any solution for it? Or is it how it works.


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1 year 3 months ago #3814 by michael
Well, that's in the description of the plugin. Users cannot log in, or perform any action that requires a cookie until they accept cookies.

That's why I gave options to have access levels based on user cookie decisions. Before accepting cookies, visitors can be added to an access level to display different content, and for each accepted cookie type there is another access level.

Using these features, it's possible to display a cookie reminder module in place of a login module that says something to the effect of "you can't log in without accepting cookies". The different access levels associated with different cookie types give users the option to accept some cookies and decline others - and the plugin facilitates this with these access levels. You can see this in action on

There are plenty of other GDPR/EU e-Privacy Directive plugins and modules that don't block cookies (including the one built into Joomla). Mine is one of a very few that follows the letter of the law, and that is no cookies until they've been accepted.

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1 year 3 months ago #3815 by jjs
Thanks very much Michael for explaining this.extensively. I will check if i can add a line of text to make it clear to users that they need to accept cookies for the working of the site.
I appreciate it.

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