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Checkboxes ignored - all cookies declined or accepted - nothing inbetween

1 year 1 week ago #4100 by aflik
Hi everyone,

the problem with the plugin on my website is that no matter which checkbox I mark all cookies are either accepted when having clicked "I Accept" or declined when I click "I Decline". But, this is not how it should work and so, the checkboxes make no sense. The user should be able to make differences: if he decides to uncheck a certain cookie and clicks "I Accept", then, the rest of the wanted cookies should be accepted and vice versa, if he reconsiders, unchecks a certain cookie and clicks "I Decline", all cookies except the unchecked one should disappear. So, there is nothing inbetween, a combination of wanted and unwanted cookies is not possible.

Anyone having the same issue? Or a solution? Am I doing something wrong?


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1 year 1 week ago #4101 by michael
Each checkbox item should be associated with a separate group and access level. If you didn't create a group and access level for each cookie, that is the problem.

If you want a blanket yes/no on cookies, create the accepted/declined cookies groups/access levels and set up the plugin that way.

If you want to allow users to pick and choose cookies, you MUST create a group/access level for each cookie that you give the option to decline.

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1 year 5 days ago #4111 by aflik
Thank you very much Michael. I created one accepted cookie group under public and one accepted cookie access level which I assigned to the accepted cookie group. Then, I created cookie definitions and cookie removal and assigned both to the accepted cookie access level. This works fine for Google Analytics. But, when I do the same for the eprivacy cookie it does not work, no matter if I declare it to be required or not. It is always set but can be removed or declined altogether with the other cookies. So, I decided to declare it to be required because the checkbox will still be set when someone unchecks this checkbox and accepts all the other cookies. This is not really perfect.

Am I still doing something wrong? This is how it is actually set:

Setting: Group 1, Group 2... both assigned to accepted cookie access level
Cookie definitions: Cookie 1, Cookie 2 both assigned to accepted cookie access level
Cookie removal: Cookie 1, Cookie 2 both assigned to declined cookie access level

Thank you for you assistance.

Kind regards

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1 year 5 days ago - 1 year 5 days ago #4112 by michael
Yes, something is wrong.

If you're not going to create access levels for each cookie, then there is no reason to define them.

The accepted/declined cookies access level is for users who press accept/decline. If they decline, it's an overall decline, and accept is an overall accept.

If you define individual cookies, each of those cookies needs to have its own access level. Here's how it works:

Lets say you have 3 plugins that create cookies and they are associated with individual access levels:
Plugin A (acl-a)
Plugin B (acl-b)
Plugin C (acl-c)

Assuming that a user arrives on your site, checks all 3 boxes, and clicks "accept", they will get 4 cookies (more, actually) - the Joomla session cookie, and the three above. They will be added to 4 access levels accepted-cookies, acl-a, acl-b, acl-c. Because the plugins are restricted to those access levels, the plugins begin to operate.

Now lets say a user arrives, but only checks the box for acl-a. That user will get 2 cookies, and be added to 2 access levels - accepted-cookies, acl-a. Plugin A will run, but the other two plugins will not (because the user is not in acl-b or acl-c). You can substitute plugin for module here as well.

The problem you're experiencing is due to not having the cookies associated with individual access levels, and the plugins/modules that create the cookies are not assigned to those levels.
Last edit: 1 year 5 days ago by michael.

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