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Great plugin! Some enhancements...

3 years 2 months ago #1608 by morphinestyle
This is the only one plugin i've found that blocks 3rd party cookies like GA and more!
The best one! I'm very happy to found your plugin!

Some suggestion:

- have the possibility to CHOOSE (after push REMOVE COOKIES button) to show/hide Javascript alert and remove cookie directly without any JS alert prompting (JS alert are ugly and makes your website like the "trash-websites" that uses heavy JS alerts), or turn it to an HTML or a modal (i know it requires more libraries increasing the weight of the plugin, so i prefer to hide it and remove directly without any JS alert warning)
- there's no any way to avoid page reload after ACCEPTING cookie policy?
- some other plugins let you insert "coding" in the language override and renders it correctly, for example: i put my cookie policy link directly into the language override, using Regular Labs MODAL plugin the "{modal..." is not rendered just like other plugins do, and it show the entire coding line without launch the modal with the Cookie Policy link (i prefer use this way instead opening a new page with policy or move user to the policy page)
- i found that the plugin adviced wrongly me about new version: in Joomla control panel it show me the 3.7.10 as available update, but immediatly after update it i've been found the 3.7.13 version on your website, i'm getting wrong something?

Great work!

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3 years 2 months ago #1611 by michael
1. (alert) - That's definitely a possibility. I recently rewrote one of my other plugins to fire JS events for the alerts, allowing a site owner to fully customize the output (see Session Keeper)
2. (reload) - The plugin joins the user (even as a guest) to the accepted cookies group which then grants the user access to additional content. Without the reload, the additional content would remain invisible until the user manually reloaded (or navigated away). If I implemented the JS events in #1, a site owner could then react in any way they saw fit. If I implement #1, this can be handled there.
3. ?? you want to run content plugins in language translations? Maybe I don't understand what you mean.
4. I have so many more users now that GDPR has gone into effect that I'm receiving 4x the bug reports. Weird little things. It seems like I'll fix 3 or 4 and by the time I post the updated version I've got 3 or 4 more reports. Yesterday, I released 10 updates (new versions) - it was crazy. I've started releasing my extensions with a new version scheme. A.B.C : A=Joomla version, B=Feature release, C=Bugfix release - So between 3.7.10 and 3.7.13 there were 3 bugfix releases.

I have a lot of popular extensions, but e-Privacy and AdminExile are by far my most popular. I don't let bug reports sit around for these because I feel they are critical extensions.

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3 years 2 months ago #1612 by morphinestyle
About the 3rd point: i've tried similar extension without possibility to block 3rd party cookie (so it's useless), but, if i insert some "code" into the language override it works great!
For example: in language override i can insert my translation (brief cookie advice) and i also can insert some "code" that Joomla renders correctly, in my case the code is the Regular Labs "Modal" code {modal url="" }Cookie Policy{/modal} (it's a plugin from Regular Labs) that Joomla "render" correctly creating the link to my EXTERNAL url Cookie Policy that opens into a modal.

So, the possibility to make working "coding" into language overrides, like the other one cookie plugins, it would be great!!

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3 years 2 months ago #1614 by michael
OK, I get it now. I think that would be handled by #1 also.

Now that I think about it, #1 would really make my life a lot easier. I could re-code all of the display methods into packages that could be customized, and anything beyond what the display methods can do could be coded into alternate display packages.

It's definitely a lot of work.... Maybe that's where I make the split for a paid extension. This version remains fully functional and free- while the completely customisable version is the paid version.... I might be able to recoup some of the time I spend supporting this free extension.

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