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Blank page on first visit - v.3.10.12

3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #2131 by danielecr
I noticed a problem with v.3.10.12
On a first visit to my site (after all the data of the browser are deleted, cookies, cache, etc.) I have a blank page, with no errors (only ie is showing an http 500 error).
After refreshing the site is correctly displayed.
This happens with all the browsers I tested.
I'm using the ribbon, if it matters.

Edit: ok, I tracked the error:
Fatal error: cannot redeclare getCountryFromIP() (previously declared in blablabla/public_html/plugins/system/eprivacygeoip/geoiploc.php:142) in blablalba/public_html/plugins/system/geoip/geoiploc.php on line 202

The error disappear only if I disable 'System - EU e-Privacy Directive Geo IP' (even if geoip is disabled in the main system plugin)

Edit2: after further analysis, the error disappears after uninstalling the old geoip plugin and enabling the new one; maybe it's better to include a check of the presence of the old plugin in the next release and if it's there, to uninstall it?
Last edit: 3 years 1 month ago by danielecr.

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3 years 1 month ago #2133 by michael
I can't check for the presence, because there is another plg_system_geoip plugin already in the JED. I was contacted by another user who couldn't get it to work, and when I checked the geoip version, I found it wasn't my plugin! So I can't really do a test, because that test might identify.

I replaced the update file on my server which should prevent the 500 errors. It burned through 9 months of my CDN already, why not blast out that last 3.

I tried pushing out an update that would neuter the plugin if it couldn't find an update, but it's like users installed the original and never ran updates.

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