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User level not changed on accepted policy

3 weeks 3 days ago #2463 by amiras
amiras created the topic: User level not changed on accepted policy
First, Thanks for your work!!

I have configured your plugin and I have a couple of issues:
  1. I'm trying to load google tag script when the user accepts cookies. I've set up a new group and a new level "Accepted Cookies" and set the level of the tag script of the module to "Accepted Cookies" but the script doesn't get output on accepted policy but gets loaded for registered users if I change the level to "registered" and the user is registered. What I'm doing wrong? Your plugin change the level if I've set up the configuration on the plugin?
  2. On a multi-language site (same sit) the link to privacy policy doesn't show up but the on a different site with only one language it shows

Thanks for your help

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2 days 13 hours ago #2497 by menhir2018
menhir2018 replied the topic: User level not changed on accepted policy
Hallo, i m following this discussion as i run in the same issue..
First i tested the plugin in a copy of a live site on my local machine, but i also wasn't able to to reproduce the same behaviour of changing the access level ( as you shwon on youtube)..
thinking about a plugin conflit, i decided to test the plugin on my machine with a clean joomla installation, so i did,
but surprise it doesn' t work..
i could see that the plugin was still able to allow the cookies to be setted or unsetted but no changes in the level access..
here i post the session of joomla debug console
    "__default": {
        "session": {
            "counter": 2,
            "timer": {
                "start": 1534699023,
                "last": 1534699023,
                "now": 1534699135
            "token": "kER6jNyyfwYqJ3fHcMVb9gGUd93Qv3dw"
        "registry": {
            "plg_system_eprivacygeoip_cache": {
                "cc": "localhost",
                "abbr": "localhost",
                "name": "localhost"
            "plg_system_eprivacy": [
        "user": {
            "id": 0,
            "name": null,
            "username": null,
            "email": null,
            "password": null,
            "password_clear": "",
            "block": null,
            "sendEmail": 0,
            "registerDate": null,
            "lastvisitDate": null,
            "activation": null,
            "params": null,
            "groups": [],
            "guest": 1,
            "lastResetTime": null,
            "resetCount": null,
            "requireReset": null,
            "aid": 0
I don t know if this behaviour depends on my local machine (windows 8.1 with XAMPP for Windows 7.1.8 and php 7.1.8) i can eventualy test it on other machine as well...
Please let me know
By the way thank you for such a good work!!

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