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Discovering weird behaviour of some other plugins depending on accepting cookies

2 years 7 months ago #2539 by birkicht
Dear Michael, hello everybody!
The EU-privacy-plugin and module is helping us a lot to fulfill the eu-privacy law correctly. It is convebient and great - in comparison to other solutions it is more flexible and covers more cases than other privacy-plugins (or services).

A few weeks ago I discovered a weird behaviour of our JEvents-Module, which we use on our site to publish events for everybody and also for private calendars.
I found out the following:

If you accept cookies on our site the details of all calendar events are not displayed correctly (you cannot edit such event nor you see other details). Deleting the cache etc. will not help. Only deny of cookies will help. This is a weird behavior. Every other plugin works. Only JEvents is not working correctly.

Our environment and the setting (which are not dependent, because it is only related with accepting cookies or not):
PHP Version : 5.6.30
MySQL Version : 5.5.40-log
Server Information : SunOS pub 5.10 Generic_150400-09 sun4u
Fix jQuery? : Yes
Load JEvents Bootstrap CSS? : Yes
Max Input Vars ? : 1500
Club code set? : Yes
User Agent : Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:62.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/62.0
Joomla : 3.8.12
component_com_jevents : 3.4.48
component_com_jce : 2.6.32
module_mod_jevents_cal : 3.4.48
module_mod_jevents_custom : 3.4.48
module_mod_jevents_filter : 3.4.48
module_mod_jevents_latest : 3.4.48
module_mod_jevents_legend : 3.4.48
module_mod_jevents_switchview : 3.4.48
layout_JEventsIconicLayout : 3.5.6
layout_JEventsMapLayout : 3.4.1
layout_iconic : 3.4.6
layout_smartphone : 3.0.10
plugin_content_jevents : 3.4.48
plugin_finder_jevents : 3.4.48
plugin_installer_jeventsinstaller : 3.4.48 (not enabled)
plugin_jevents_jevcalendar : 3.4.1 (not enabled)
plugin_jevents_jevusers : 3.4.3
plugin_search_eventsearch : 3.4.48
plugin_system_gwejson : 3.4.44

One of our calendar-events:

You can try yoirself. Accepting cookies will not display the calendar-details correctly. Otherwise (deny cookies) they are shown correctly as you can see in the attached pictures.If you already accepted cookies, you can reset settings and will be able to display the event correctly - but this is a really bad workaround, because you need cookies for several other cases on out website (recaptcha, etc.).

I'm not sure if this is caused by misconfiguration (delete-settings) of the eu-privacy module or by other misconfiguration (which I do not think, because it is only a "render"-problem of jevents in specific cases).
It may be a problem with the jevents-calendar module itself (therefore I did put an appropriate question into their support-forum as well).

Thanks a lot in advance for helping to discover what the error might cause




You can try yoirself. Accepting cookies will not display the details correctly. Otherwise (deny cookies) they are shown correctly as you can see in the attached pictures.

I renewed the silver membership for getting priority support and hopefully you can fix the error as fast as possible.



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