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After clicking 'I agree/I Decline', page is not being refreshed

2 years 7 months ago #2596 by mrvaxxl

After some time, on one of my sites, page Ribbon is not being removed after clicking 'I agree' or 'I decline' - nothing happens, page is not being refreshed.

But, if a visitor clicks for example 'I agree' and goes to another page, Ribbon is gone (as it should) and everything works as it should.

When I noticed this problem on this site, EU e-Privacy version was 3.8.? (I think it was 3.8.3) and Joomla 3.8.13. I updated them to 3.10.13 and 3.9.1, cleared the caches, but of no help.

Originally, when this site was updated to EU e-privacy 3.8.? and Joomla 3.8.13. everything worked well, but now it is not working as it should.

Also, I have other sites on the same host, with the same Joomla template with EU e-privacy 3.7.3, 3.8.*, etc. and Joomla 3.8.13 that are working well.

I even updated one of the 3.7.3/3.9.1 sites that were working OK to 3.10.13/3.9.1. and it still works as expected.

But, this 'problematic' site is giving me headaches. Any idea why page is not being refreshed after hitting 'I agree/I decline'?

Its current versions are 3.10.13 (e-privacy) and 3.9.1. (Joomla).

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2 years 7 months ago #2599 by michael
Is there a log in the javascript console?

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2 years 7 months ago #2616 by mrvaxxl
Solved :)

Michael pointed out few things regarding my site - in the end, problem started with Joomla 3.8.12 (but I obviously didn't noticed it), and updating it to 3.8.13 and 3.9.1. didn't help.

Now, my site uses Joomla 3.8.10, it is working fine, have one small issue (not affecting functionality), just have to find the way how to upgrade it to the latest joomla version, without causing issues ajax component.



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