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Display type with multilingual website

11 months 2 weeks ago #2658 by Heinz
Hello Richey,

I really appreciate your EU e-privacy Directive Module/Plugin. It is the best I have come across on the web.

To add another language to my website, I copied the en-GB.plg_system_eprivacy.ini into the appropriate german folder, renamed the file to de-DE.plg_system_eprivacy.ini and translated it.

The content is now shown in German, but the position of the plugin changes from Page Ribbon to Joomla Module. When I change the language back to english, the plugin is back to Page Ribbon.

Where could I possibly have gone wrong or where can I make the setting for the german site?

Another issue that I have is the link to the privacy policy. I use the extension Falang for my multilingual website and this may be the reason for this issue. I can add a language in your plugin settings but it only allows me to choose from the menu links. In my case I don't have separate menu items for german. I do have separate urls if that helps...

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11 months 2 weeks ago #2659 by Heinz
I managed to find the solution for the first issue myself. As some others could run into the same issue, here the solution:

The German alphabet contains "Umlauts" (= ä ö ü ) and these caused the problem. Changing the encoding of the de-DE.plg_system_eprivacy.ini from ISO8859-1 into UTF-8 solved the problem.

1 issue less, now I am left with the selection of the privacy policy...

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