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Session keeper - added strings to js and css files?

3 years 6 months ago #315 by jjnxpct
Hi! I noticed that the js and css files on the frontend of our sites (that use Session Keeper) get an added string to them. Correct? I guess that is done to force reload these files on every page load? Or session?

But this does make the site slower and needs more server resources? And those files will no longer be usably through CDN services?

When we want to 'unlink' scripts like Mootools this plugin causes issues (not removing them) because the extra string is added to the script. Can you confirm this?

Is it possible to use the Session Keeper plugin only on the backend? So we can exclude the frontend and prevent the added strings to these files?

Maybe it would be possible to add a option / parameter to select frontend, backend, or both?

Kind regards,

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