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System - SCSS

5 months 4 weeks ago #335 by michael
michael created the topic: System - SCSS
At the request of one of my customers, I took...

Automatically compile your template SCSS as you make changes!

At the request of one of my customers, I took on this plugin project to create something that worked (and was available in English), and why shouldn't it just work?

More and more templates are being delivered with the SCSS sources alongside the compiled CSS.  Changing the CSS can be tedious, especially when considering the implications of mixins and color variation based on variables.....It can be an absolute nightmare to cover all of the possibilities introduced by SCSS!

This plugin monitors for changes, compiling SCSS when a change is detected.  Alternatively, it can be forced to compile.  Check out the features below!


  • Force Compilation
  • System notification on success and failure
  • Compression options
    • Autodetection of templates that use compressed CSS result in the creation of an uncompressed version.
  • Uses the latest SCSSPHP by Leafo


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Documentation: Online

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