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Authentication - Session Limit

5 months 1 week ago #379 by michael
michael created the topic: Authentication - Session Limit
If you want to limit concurrent logins in Joomla, there...

Control your users concurrent logins by Joomla ACL!

If you want to limit concurrent logins in Joomla, there are few options. If you want granular control of concurrent logins based on your own access levels, this is the plugin for you.


  • Uses Joomla ACL to define login limits.
  • Arbitrary limits - You can give users 1 or 10 (or more) based on ACL
  • Option to make specified Access Levels immune.
  • Option to make specified User Groups immune.
  • Option to make specified users immune.
  • Users who are members of multiple limit levels are graduated to the largest limit.

This plugin is meant to do things like:

  • Thwart password sharing
    • Users who subscribe to your site or service and give their login credentials to countless friends
  • Facilitate subscription based concurrency
    • Services that allow users a certain number of concurrent logins. With this plugin, users could subscribe to levels of concurrency.


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