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System - Required Fields

6 months 2 days ago #393 by michael
michael created the topic: System - Required Fields
The System - Required Fields plugin is designed to keep your...

Do your users neglect their profiles? Have you added new required fields, but nobody edits their profile? Lay down the law! Make "Required" mean something!

The System - Required Fields plugin is designed to keep your user profile fields filled and current. This is accomplished by redirecting users to their profile edit screen when they have any required field that is un-filled. Until they meet the field requirements, they cannot leave the profile edit screen.

Keep their information up-to-date by setting a "Revisit Interval". When a user has not saved their profile recently enough, this plugin redirects them to their profile edit screen to review their information. Upon saving their profile, the revisit interval is reset and they can once again browse your site.

Additional configurations allow you to remove the field requirements and revisit requirements from certain user groups.

I wrote this plugin to serve another purpose on my own sites, I wanted to have fields that were required for users in the front-end, but not required for me in /administrator. This way I could edit a user profile, without having to fill in field values that I might not know. So, any selected field will no longer be required when editing a profile in /administrator.

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