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2 years 4 months ago #30 by michael
michael created the topic: HashCash
Everyone knows the annoyance caused by captchas that are unreadable....

Finally, a captcha you can't read...wait...that's not what I meant... This is the captcha you don't even need to see.

Everyone knows the annoyance caused by captchas that are unreadable. HashCash is a different kind of validation. Unlike other captcha solutions, HashCash doesn't rely on 3rd party services or resources - and it doesn't require anything from your users other than a JavaScript enabled browser. No mangled words to decipher, no math problems to solve, no photos to match - nothing but arrival on a form page.

Originally proposed by Adam Beck in 1997, HashCash requires a form to include the solution to a complex calculation. The calculation is so complex (it takes hundreds or even thousands of attempts to solve it) that any human or bot attempting to abuse your forms will spend so much processor time solving the calculation that it wouldn't be profitable to continue attacking your forms! The server receives the result and can easily and quickly test the answer in 1 calculation - either it's right and your user continues or it's wrong and the form submission fails.

The best part is, HashCash is invisible (you can't read it - or even see it) and it happens in the background without user interaction! Your users arrive at the form and the HashCash calculation is automatically executed. Any bot attempting to submit your form without completing the calculation is rejected, and the calculation changes every time the form is submitted.

Configuration is simple. Open the plugin and choose the difficulty level. The predefined minimum (1) and maximum (4) levels prevent calculations that are too simple or too difficult to complete in an acceptable amount of time.


  • Configurable difficulty level
  • No mangled text that nobody can read
  • Completion happens automatically, without user intervention
  • Nothing to annoy your users

Download HashCash 1.6.6

Bug Reports

Documentation: Online

Read article...

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9 months 1 week ago #2401 by oloccina
oloccina replied the topic: HashCash
I guess the extension activates by default for all Joomla forms, but is there an easy way to activate it also for 3d party forms? Specifically, I am using chronoforms V6 forms.
Thank you!

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9 months 6 days ago #2402 by michael
michael replied the topic: HashCash
Chronoforms has its own captcha element. You'd need to contact them to find out if it's possible to use the Joomla captcha in their forms.

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