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Fields - Terms of Service

4 months 4 days ago #411 by michael
michael created the topic: Fields - Terms of Service
The Fields - Terms of Service plugin adds a custom...

How do you track users acceptance of your website terms? Do you know when they accepted? Can you prove it?

The Fields - Terms of Service plugin adds a custom field type (tos) that allows you to add terms field(s) to your registration form. In case you missed that - you can add terms FIELDS (plural) to your registration forms.

To comply with the EU GDPR requirements, this field was developed to allow an administrator to add a required acceptance field to the registration form, and add additional fields later, while maintaining records of the users acceptance of each terms document. If you haven't researched the EU GDPR requirements, take a look here:

The rules require sites to re-acquire acceptance of terms upon those terms changing while maintaining the details of the previous acceptance. This plugin enables an administrator to add a new terms field to the registration form, linked to a new terms document - as many times as necessary.

To protect site owners, the plugin stores the date/time and IP address of the acceptance. With this detail, any litigation can be met with hard data.

You can see it in action at


  • Required for users at registration and profile edit
  • Not required in /administrator
  • Create as many required terms fields as you like
  • Stores date/time and IP address of the acceptance
  • Separate display styles for Registration, Profile View, and /administrator

Another extension that can help with GDPR requirements is the Profile History plugin, which can monitor for and notify users of changes to their profile field values. Take a look at the GDPR Bundle to save 20% on all of my GDPR extensions!


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