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Are you subject to GDPR regulations?

2 years 6 months ago #936 by michael
There is an excellent article on Forbes titled "US...

There is an excellent article on Forbes titled "US Businesses Can't Hide From GDPR" and that led me to the question - How many companies are unaware of their exposure?

The answer is actually very easy to determine. If you answer yes to both of these questions, then you are subject to the GDPR regulations.

  1. Are you running a business and engaged in economic activity, and does you business collect or process personal data obtained from EU residents? (Article 4(18))
  2. Does your business have more than 250 employees? (Article 30)

If you answer no to question 2, you might still be subject to GDPR but it would benefit you to consult with legal council.

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1 year 7 months ago #2831 by trogladyte
I also wrote an article about this on my blog. My take is that EVERY website should have a privacy policy anyway, so why are so many businesses getting their knickers in a knot about GDPR. For goodness sake, just do it! The chances are, you (the business website owner) don't have a privacy policy at all. If your business is in California I believe this is still illegal - who knows how many other states.

Some people do care about their privacy (like ALL of them!), so why not throw them a bone in a privacy policy?

Can you say with complete, total, and utter certainty, that NO ONE from the EU will EVER interact with your website? As soon as they do, GDPR kicks in.

Of course, the likelihood of the EU courts pursuing you (the business owner) in the US over 1 or 2 interactions is minuscule. So is the likelihood of your house burning down and you losing all your possessions... Do you have house insurance?

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