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System - Headtag plugin - Questions

2 years 8 months ago - 2 years 8 months ago #1360 by jjnxpct
1. Is it possible to combine two settings (for example load only on a specific menu item AND only when access levels are of a selected type?

2. If we want to load a script (for example jquery) on all pages for all website users, should we place the script on the tab 'Access level' or 'Usergroep level'? Or is either OK?

3. And should we use 'guest' of 'public' for the Access level or Usergroup level. If there are no login's this would effectively be the same?

4. Are all subgroups included if we chose a (parent)group?

5. When we set the loading of a script on a menu item, will alle subitems of this parent item also load the script? Or do we have to add all child-items as well? So is the selected menu item the 'parent menu id' or the 'menu id'?
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2 years 8 months ago #1380 by michael
1. no - but if your template puts the itemid in the body tag as a css class, then you could load your script on the correct access level, and then use the script to check the CSS classes on the body tag to determine if they should run or not.

2. I would use the public access level. That fires for all users.

3. Guest is for visitors who are not logged in. Once a user logs in, they are not a member of the guess access level anymore. Everyone is always a member of public.

4. No. But all member groups of an access level trigger that access level.

5. It only works on that menu item, and pages directly related to that item. So if you assign a script to a category blog menu item, the script will fire for all articles. If that category blog has a subcategory, and you assign that subcategory a menu item, the scripts will not fire unless you also select the subcat menu item.

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