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Authentication - As User [create in JED]

2 years 8 months ago #48 by michael
michael created the topic: Authentication - As User [create in JED]
Why bother asking what-if questions to yourself when you can...

Whether providing tech support, testing a login, or testing a feature - at times, it becomes necessary to log in as a particular user. Do you know their password? Should you know it? Should you reset it?

With Authentication - As User - you don't need to know any password but your own.

Why bother asking what-if questions to yourself when you can just use the Authentication - As User plugin to log into any account using your own password. Yes, it's that simple.


  • Plugin configuration provides the capability to define which groups have the rights to log in as any user.
  • The plugin restricts members of the chosen groups from logging in as each other - effectively protecting them from the function of this plugin.
  • Define protected groups, where this plugin will refuse to operate for members of protected groups.
  • Super-Users are always protected

An annual support and update subscription is only: 12

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