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4 years 5 months ago #49 by michael
DomainRestriction was created by michael
Using DomainRestriction is simple. Enter one or more domains into...

Allow/Deny registration to specific email, domain or TLD and perform automatic group assignments on IP (address or CIDR network), email, domain or TLD. Restrictions, group assignment/revocation, and more.

Using DomainRestriction is simple. Enter one or more domains into the plugin configs and you're done. Anyone attempting to register an email address that isn't on the approved domain list is immediately denied or vice versa - inclusive or exclusive - it's your choice.

Need more granularity? No problem! Additional configuration allows an administrator to allow specific email addresses in addition to or instead of the domain restrictions! If you want to use it in the opposite manner - you can allow all and deny specific domains and addresses. On special request, I've added the ability to allow/disallow on specific TLDs as well.

Give it a try using the demo link below. You'll never guess the valid domains ;)

Admins can edit the language file to change the failure message. I chose to make the default failure message vague.

For the administrator who wants to automate group assignment based on domain or TLD, a new set of options has been added to allow group assignment on a per-domain or per TLD basis. Additional configuration can prevent modification for selected groups or individual addresses.


  • IP White/Blacklist with CIDR support
  • Allow/Deny by any portion of the email address
    • TLD (.com, .net, .org, .edu, etc...)
    • Domain (everything after the @ and before the TLD)
    • Email address (the entire address)
    • Bulk Import
  • Option to re-check on user changed email address
  • Auto-assign groups on TLD, Domain or Email address
  • Exclude addresses from group modification
  • Exclude groups from group modification

Download DomainRestriction 2.5.3

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Documentation: Online | Zipped PDF

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