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Problem with Session Keeper - expired notice always displays

2 years 11 months ago #2502 by koaconsulting
Hello there! Your extension looks perfect for our client's needs (warning registered users of their upcoming session expiration). The problem we're having is that when the JavaScript notice pops up letting them know they have 2 minutes left, you click "OK" to extend your session... then about one minute afterwards the session Expired message is displayed (You have been idle for too long, and your session has expired. Please log in again.). It seems like the user's session is NOT being extended. I looked at the Browser Error Console and see an error displayed from the hosted JS file. Please see the attached documents for more details.

We are using the latest version of Joomla (3.8.11) and SessionKeeper (3.1.3).

Thanks in advance for your help!

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2 years 10 months ago #2513 by koaconsulting
Any suggestions or workarounds? We were really hoping this plugin would be a helpful asset but it seems broken at the moment... any help would be greatly appreciated!

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