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Crapped on by Joomla...

2 years 9 months ago #2550 by michael
The Joomla ecosystem is sick. The JED is corrupt. Joomla...

The Joomla ecosystem is sick. The JED is corrupt. Joomla leadership has turned to censorship.

I've been writing Joomla extensions for more than 10 years. Much of the time, I get paid to write custom extensions and when my a customer chooses a pricing model that leaves me the rights to the extension, I release for free or as a paid extension (about 10% choose that pricing option). I have over 50 extensions in the JED. My entire business revolves around Joomla and writing custom extensions.

I often release extensions free, or as paid with a free (less functional) version. This gives me the opportunity to get my name out there and gives potential customers the opportunity to experience my extensions, which often leads to contract work writing custom extensions.

Joomla has, on multiple occasions, incorporated my ideas directly into the Joomla core. Here are a few examples:

Extension RicheyWeb Release Added to Joomla More Functionality?
System - Content Security Policy 2018-04-27 4.0 on 2018-06-20 less
System - Clean Response 2010-05-29 3.1.4 on 2013-06-27 less
DomainRestriction 2011-05-17 3.9 on 2018-08-08 less
Fields - Subform 2017-12-08 3.10-dev (pending) less
EU e-Privacy Directive 2012-06-11 3.9 on 2018-08-27 less
There are more, I just need to find them

In some cases, I've commented in the Joomla GitHub pull requests explaining that they're implementing functionality that is currently available in 3rd party extensions in the JED - but recently, those comments are being deleted. I can't even defend myself against this because Joomla leadership just deletes it.


I don't remember how I replied, but I'm sure it contained a link to my subform field in the JED. This is the pepperstreet message deleted by Joomla:


I'm not opposed to Joomla gaining new features, but when the features are ripped from my extensions and implemented incompletely - I'm left to wonder why I should ever release another free extension! Contributing to the Joomla core is something I've also done on several occasions. I would be honored if I was asked to create a core implementation for some of my free extensions - but that isn't happening. The functionality ends up being poorly or incompletely implemented and then I'm left to explain to my customers why they should pay for mine when they can get it from Joomla for free.

When confronted, Joomla leadership shows they have no interest in preserving the work of 3rd party developers.


What's really amusing is that I'm the person who brought the capability for Joomla to accept repeating custom form field values. They're using capabilities that I gave them to step on my extension.

I did it first - and I get no credit. It's infuriating.

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