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TagParser Class

4 years 7 months ago #90 by michael
TagParser Class was created by michael

Easy operation, define your tag name, and if it is...

Class to automate parsing Joomla Content Plugin tags.

Easy operation, define your tag name, and if it is a self-closing tag

Update 4-23-2013 - Added option to use an alternate closing tag. Namespaced DOMDocument, so the class can itself be namespaced, should the application require it.

$content = '{plugin param yoyoyo param1="param with a string value containing spaces" param2="2" param3="3" unquotedinteger=4 param4=unquotedstring}plugin content{/plugin}';
$content.= '{plugin}contents{/plugin}';
$parser = new TagParser('plugin');
foreach($parser->tags as $key=>$tag) {
    $param1 = $tag->getParam('param1','default value');
    echo $tag->getContent('default content');
    /* of course, you'll want to do something with the tags */
    $content = $tag->replace($content,'<p class="param1 or whatever">'.$param1.'</p>');
/* appending the previous $content and using the previous $parser 
 * (adjusting it for a slightly different tag, with an alternate closing tag),
 * this tag is appended to the taglist of the previous instance 
$content.= "{plugin:detail param1=2 param2=3 param3=1}plugin content2{/plugin}";
foreach($parser->tags as $key=>$tag) {
    echo $tag->getParam('param1','default value');
    echo $tag->getContent('default content');
    /* we did something else, so we just get rid of this tag entirely */
    $content = $tag->replace($content,'');
$content2 = '{plugin2 param param1=1 param2=2 param3=3}';
$parser2 = new TagParser('plugin2',array('selfclosing'=>true));
foreach($parser2->tags as $key=>$tag) {
    echo $tag->getParam('param1','default value');
$content3 = '[plugin3 param param1=1 param2=2 param3=3]<a href="#">plugin content</a>[/plugin3]';
$parser3 = new TagParser('plugin3',array('bracket'=>'[]'));
foreach($parser3->tags as $key=>$tag) {
    echo $tag->getParam('param1','default value');
    echo $tag->getContent('default content');

And here's the class:

* @package library TagParser
* @copyright (C) 2010-2013 RicheyWeb -
* @license GNU/GPL
// no direct access
defined( '_JEXEC' ) or die( 'Restricted access' );
    class TagParser {
        protected static $instances = array();
        private $identifier = '';
        private $options = array(
        public $tags = array();
        public $total = 0;
        public function __construct($identifier=false,$options=false) {
            if($identifier) {
                if($options) $this->setOptions($options);
        public static function getInstance($identifier=false,$options=false) {
            $instanceid = $identifier?$identifier:'';
            if(empty(self::$instances[$instanceid])) {
                self::$instances[$instanceid] = new TagParser($identifier,$options);
            return self::$instances[$instanceid];
        public function setIdentifier($identifier=false) {
            if($identifier) $this->identifier = $identifier;
        public function setOptions($options=false) {
            if(is_array($options)) {
                foreach($options as $key=>$option) $this->options[$key]=$option;
            if(strlen($this->options['bracket']) == 1) $this->options['bracket'] = $this->options['bracket'].$this->options['bracket'];       
        public function parse($content) {
            $regex ='/'.$this->bracket('open').$this->identifier.'\s*?(?<params>.*?)'.$this->bracket('close');
            if(!$this->options['selfclosing']) $regex.='(?<content>.*?)(?<closetag>'.$this->bracket('open').'\/'.($this->options['alternateclose']?$this->options['alternateclose']:$this->identifier).$this->bracket('close').')';
            $matches = array();
            foreach($matches[0] as $key=>$match) {
                $this->tags[$key]=new TagParserItem($match);
                $this->tags[$key]->tagid = $this->total;
                if(strlen($matches['params'][$key])) {
                    $params = new \DOMDocument;
                    $params->loadHTML('<br '.trim($matches['params'][$key]).' />');
                    $paramsxml = simplexml_import_dom($params->documentElement);
                    if(count($paramsxml->body->br->attributes())) {
                        $this->tags[$key]->params = array();
                        foreach($paramsxml->body->br->attributes() as $attribute=>$value) {
                if(!$this->options['selfclosing']) $this->tags[$key]->content = $matches['content'][$key];
        private function bracket($type='open') {
            return preg_quote(($type=='open')?$this->options['bracket'][0]:$this->options['bracket'][1]);
    class TagParserItem {
        public $tag;
        public $tagid=0;
        public $params = false;
        public $content = false;
        public function __construct($tag) {
            $this->tag = $tag;
        public function getParam($name,$default) {
            return isset($this->params[$name])?$this->params[$name]:$default;
        public function getContent($default='') {
            return $this->content?$this->content:$default;
        public function replace($content,$replacement='') {
            return preg_replace($regex,$replacement,$content,1);

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