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New features in 3.5.2?

2 years 3 months ago #3819 by jjnxpct
Hi! You mentioned new features in the HeadTag plugin. I seet these option in the taq settings (tabs) for Menu items, User Groups and Access levels.

Media version: What exactly are those? Does the Joomla CMS ship with different versions of frameworks like jQuery? And also Bootstrap? And we can use this to select the version we need/want? I'm not sure we will use this, because most of the time we load a external (newer) version of jQuery in our templates.

IE conditionals: We stopped using IE conditionals a while ago. Do you think we still need those for website we develop?

Load Frameworks: This loads the framework that comes with Joomla?

If we want to use these new settings, what 'Type' do we select as the first option?

Just trying to understand these new options ;-)

Kind regards,

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2 years 3 months ago #3820 by michael
Replied by michael on topic New features in 3.5.2?
Media version: This is something Joomla added in v2.something where a system or extension upgrade increments a media version. This way, you don't need to ask your users to clear their cache to get new versions of JS/CSS/images.

All it does is add a checksum to the end of the media URL. Like this:

/path/to/your/file.js (without mediaversion)
/path/to/your/file.js?f85b5a00b86cde45406744f41f21973f (with mediaversion)

IE Conditionals: It's there if you want it - I noticed that the Joomla library for including JS/CSS offers it, so I threw it in there as an option.

Load Frameworks: Let's say your included javascript requires jquery or mootools (yes I know mootools is going away) - In PHP, there is a specific text string that is used to load these libraries. If you were to need jquery for a script you're including, you can ensure that it's present by adding "jquery.framework" into loadframeworks. If you needed mootools: "behavior.framework".

Here are the frameworks that I know of:

jquery: jquery.framework
mootools: behavior.framework
caption: behavior.caption
tooltip: behavior.tooltip
combobox: behavior.combobox
validate: behavior.formvalidation
switcher: behavior.switcher
multiselect: behavior.multiselect
swf: behavior.uploader
progress bar: behavior.uploader
uploader: behavior.uploader
mootree: behavior.tree
keepalive: behavior.keepalive
break out of frames: behavior.noframes

These additional settings are available for script and stylesheet types.

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