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Unlike other adblock detectors, this extension does not force you to handle ad blockers in any particular way. It gives you the tools necessary to fine-tune a solution that works for you. If you want to just monitor usage, this plugin can help you with that. If you want to display a message, or disable users from viewing your articles - it can do that too. The idea behind this extension is to detect and trigger YOUR events.

This extension installs 3 plugins: System, AJAX, and Content.

System Plugin

With the System plugin, you can execute Javascript when an adblocker is detected. You can execute a different javascript when a change in the adblocker status is detected. It's possible to query the adblocker status with your javascript, so you can detect a change and trigger an action on adblocker enable and a different action on adblocker disable.

On one of my live test sites, I use the change action (enable/disable) to send a Google Analytics event so i can track the effectiveness of my anti-adblock messages. You could even use it to display a thank you message for users who disabled their adblocker!

AJAX Plugin

With the AJAX plugin, you can track the adblocker state within Joomla. When enabled, the AJAX plugin works with the System plugin, and can add the user to an access level when an adblocker is detected. Likewise, it removes them from that access level when the adblocker is disabled. Imagine showing your own banner ads in place of Google Adsense when an ad blocker is detected! That's just the tip of the iceburg!

Content Plugin

The content plugin is very powerful. It's packed with so many features that I can't hope to explain it here. When an adblocker is enabled you can truncate the article (and optionally append to it), redirect to another page (with or without a system message), allow the user to view a certain number of articles/pages before being (optionally) redirected. There is even a javascript field to execute upon adblocker detection, and a method to determine the number of pages viewed and the limit! Check the documentation and the demo videos for more.

It would be irresponsible to release this without a resource to help you configure it. Visit the Ad Block Reactions section of the site to get code that you can use with these plugins!


  • Execute Javascript upon ad blocker detection.
  • Execute Javascript upon a change in the ad blocker status (enabled/disabled)
  • Add the user to a specific access level when the ad blocker is enabled
  • Modify or restrict access to articles when an ad blocker is detected
  • No mandatory outputs or displays - react to ad blockers any way you like


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