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The problem with creating "Return to Top" links in content is that they do nothing for SEO, and they can clutter your page. When you have a long page, how do you decide where to put them? Do you need more than one? Top of the Page removes these concerns by creating a "Return to Top" link when the page has been scrolled by a certain (administrator) designated distance. When the page is scrolled back to the top (above the designated distance), the link disappears. There is no need to put named anchors in your content, because the link created by this plugin isn't a link at all - and it floats in the designated position regardless of your position on the page.

Previous versions offered a choice of Mootools, but now runs exclusively on jQuery from this version and on. Consolidating functionality in one framework allows better support and flexibility.

Version 3.1 Features Free Pro
Option to run in /administrator
Joomla Automatic Updates
Appearance/Position/CSS Customization
Scroll Duration and Linear/Swing Transitions
All jQuery Transition and Easing Combinations
Button Content/Icon Control
Button Appearance Animation
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Looking for a demo?

Scroll down the page and look in the lower right corner. We have a really cool button.

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