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March 30, 2016

(An invitation to join the group)

The method is always empiric
Join us to unleash your lyric
If you join we'll be gleeful
We look forward to reading your limerick

The rules:

The limerick need not be your writing
rule #1 demands proper citing
if it's for distribution
just provide attribution
or your exit we'll be expediting

This group is intended for all ages
rule #2 governs content of pages
avoid seven dirty words
you may think that we're turds
if we allow them it becomes contagious

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April 1, 2016

(This is my half of a political argument carried out in limerick got weird)

Busy evening internet scrolling
found a post that had my butt rolling
I took a long evil journey
insulting an attorney
ambulance chasers are really worth trolling

I was really having way too much fun
he thought he was smart, but he's dumb
"elect a socialist" he said
is this guy brain dead?
but I got booted before I was done

The country is already in the toilet
politicians selling lies have well spoiled it
to pick the lesser of two evils
is the only choice of the people
they all hate Trump, I say go for it

They've blown that statement out of proportion
they asked a hypothetical question about abortion
he gave an answer with logic
they ignored the subtopic
I wish the media would report without distortion

To say who was here first borders selfish
we all have our own unique perspectives
before I get "invader" judged
I've got Cherokee blood
and my voice is worth as much as everyone elses

Clinton and Sanders and Cruz aren't commanders
to their friends and the lazy and the rich they will pander
it doesn't take a sleuth
to learn not a one can speak truth
these candidates are lacking in candor

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April 8, 2016

Don't give up before even trying
you get stuck and it feels like you're dying
before you know it
you've emerged a poet
from your fingers the limericks come flying

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April 6, 2016

I've returned from Facebook purgatory
What I said wasn't really that gory
I was called something crude
I responded quite rude
24 hours offline was my glory

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April 21, 2016

An artist formerly known as Prince
had a small cold, made him wince
I could take some Zicam
or curl up in an afghan
a decision he regrets ever since

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