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September 15, 2016

Too drunk to go home
Spent her feed money on booze
She sleeps in the barn

Any guesses who this is about?

Loose on booze, pills, weed
animals and kids in filth
but it's not her fault

A beautiful deer
I think I'll starve it to death
and blame someone else

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Born into the mud,
the baby deer clings to life

Miracle of birth
captive deer and doe suffer
she sees dollar signs

My kid cannot speak
I should probably help him
nah, I just got weed

If it breathes it dies
It's good I can't buy people
I killed a pet rock

This group just turned dark
Who knew haiku could be mean
the evil flows free

You must be a tool
to have this many poems
about you sucking

She needed a fox
it's carcass fills a bucket
for her bucket list

I sell you this pig
I don't have to see it die
then I can blame you

I sell all his stuff
claim I had his permission
but I'm the victim

it's not starvation
they died of natural causes
yeah, that's the ticket

animals for meat
if I just wait long enough
they turn to jerky

her page, a shit show
if it's not nailed down, sell it
now she's pulling nails

she's not royalty
like everyone treated her
she's freaky looking

I'm going to bed
knowing that my wife is great
not a dirty skank

Time to re-lyric
"Chicken killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est"
I can hear it now

Do I still have pigs?
Sold the last one yesterday
and today it's dead

It's now 2AM
I still have material
she is target rich

April 28, 2017

Jannah awaits you
Purgatory in pig shit
no unclean entry

3 ISIS fighters were killed by wild hogs. I thought poetic justice should be accompanied by actual poetry.

September 22, 2016

Comments on this post are haiku for a chicken group I'm in. Don't add a haiku comment to this post unless you're willing to give up copyrights to the chicken group for use on promotional items. (Only my Haiku saved here)

Natural pest control
Use diatomaceous earth
Great for ants in feed

Eat eggs every day
they lower cholesterol
13 vitamins

My nutritious birds
I eat the fruit of your butt
then I eat your flesh

October 7, 2017

Haiku is great, but
I run two poetry groups
You should check it out