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External Favicon 1.1


Alter the appearance of your external links to display the Favicon of the destination. Each exernal link can be displayed with the associated favicon retrieved from the destination site.

Use is simple - install and enable.

Configuration options include:

  • If the plugin should operate in the component template (modal, and other windows)
  • Per-domain alternate images
  • Per-domain exclusion
  • Parent item exclusion - exclude all of the external links contained within an element identified by it's ID

This package makes use of a modified version of the "External Favicons" Mootools plugin by Michael Russell


  1. Download External Favicon from the RicheyWeb download page.
    • This page will remain unlinked, as the link may change in the future. Visit and use the search feature - search for "External Favicon".
  2. In Joomla /administrator, go to the "Extensions" menu, the "Manage" sub-menu, and the "Install" sub-menu.
  3. Select the "Upload Package File" tab
  4. Press the "Choose File" button to browse your system and locate the plugin file you downloaded
  5. Press the "Upload & Install" button

At this point, the extension is installed but not enabled. You can find the plugin by going to the Extensions menu and selecting "Plugins". When in the plugin manager, search for "External Favicon".


Run in Modals´┐╝
Setting this option to "Yes" causes the plugin to run in modal windows. Default is not to run in modals, as this may disrupt the visual.
Alternate Images
If you don't like the favicon for a particular domain, you can substitute another. One entry per line, the syntax is: domain.tld:/path/to/image
Exclude Domains
One entry per line, list of domain names to be ignored. Domains must match exactly for this setting to be effective. www.domain.tld is not the same as domain.tld
Exclude IDs
One entry per line, list of DOM IDs where the plugin will ignore links contained within.


Please report any bugs you encounter.