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Comply with the EU e-Privacy law (AKA the EU Cookie Law)! Block all cookies until the user has accepted them - Session, Language, even 3rd party cookies and cookies set by JavaScript!

Those are some big claims, so I must explain that there are some caveats. 3rd party cookie blocking requires PHP 5.3 and the PHP Reflection Classes. Blocking cookies set by JavaScript requires IE8 or greater, FireFox, Chrome or Opera (probably other modern browsers as well). This plugin can prevent 3rd party cookies, but cannot remove them once they're set (due to the Javascript same-origin restriction).

This plugin and module combination aims to be the final solution to the EU cookie requirements. This plugin overrides and prevents any cookies sent by Joomla, and any JavaScript cookies from being set until the user accepts them. Many of the other EU cookie extension in the JED don't block cookies at all - or they allow the cookies to be set and then immediately unset them with JavaScript (which is cheating and will fail when JS is disabled).


  • Full EU e-Privacy Directive compliance
    • Some have "interpreted" the law to say that it allows cookies, however, that's not how the law is written.
    • This extension brings your site into full compliance with the letter of the law when properly configured.
  • Block the Joomla session cookie
  • Block Joomla language cookies
  • Block 3rd party cookies (server support required)
  • Multiple display options
  • IP logging

  Download EU e-Privacy Directive 2.14

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Documentation: Online | Zipped PDF

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