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Google Analytics, arguably the most popular method of monitoring how your website is used, tracks navigation in your site using nasty evil cookies....but it doesn't have to. You can meet privacy regulations (such as the GDPR) while still collecting valuable usage data - without cookies. It's anonymous, and No Cookies.

While researching and writing software to aid in GDPR compliance, I found myself lamenting the fact that unless a user consented to cookies - I had no avenue to collect analytics data. The site I was building at the time dealt specifically with the GDPR regulations so I needed it to comply with the law no matter what. But I still needed to see that analytics data, even though EU regulations contained within the General Data Protection Regulation seems to prohibit it - because the most popular analytics service uses cookies.

The GDPR regulation prohibits me from setting a cookie, or using any form of persistent browser storage without user consent. It also prohibits me from collecting data that can be used to identify an individual user without user consent. So I use a volatile storage method, that doesn't transfer to other browser windows/tabs, and disappears when a window/tab is closed. The ID used to track a single session is a random, unique identifier that is re-generated every time a user arrives on the site - so it can't be used to identify a specific person. The plugin offers the option to anonymize the IP address in data sent to Google Analytics. In short, I examined and resolved every conflict between Google Analytics and the GDPR regulation.

You can see it in action on this website, and at


  • No Cookies (GDPR compliant)
  • No identifying information is transmitted
  • IP can be anonymized (EU e-Privacy Directive compliant)
  • Optional GA debug mode and console logging of sent data
  • IPv4 and IPv6 (+CIDR) whitelisting to prevent analytics from running on specific addresses and ranges
  • Per-Menu Item custom configurations.
  • Controls for sampleRate, siteSpeedSampleRate, alwaysSendReferrer, allowAnchor, transport, and userId
  • Optionally enable reporting for individual authors, categories, and publish dates for articles.
  • Track YouTube video events: Player Ready, unstarted, ended, buffering, playing, paused, and cued
  • Automatic Analytics events triggered by CSS class names applied to elements. Currently supported events: Mouse Events - mouseover, mousemove, mousedown, mouseup, contextmenu, wheel, mouseleave, mouseout, auxclick, click, dblclick, and select / Clipboard Events - cut, copy, and paste
  • Optional Google Analytics Autotrack plugins: cleanUrlTracker, eventTracker, impressionTracker, maxScrollTracker, mediaQueryTracker, outboundFormTracker, outboundLinkTracker, pageVisibilityTracker, socialWidgetTracker, and urlChangeTracker
  • Heartbeat (optional/configurable) - to prevent inaccurate the "bounce" for users who are just idle (reading or watching a video)
  • Automatically integrates with RicheyWeb Content - YouTube (No Cookies) for video playback analytics


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